Saturday, February 16, 2013

Owl Pals

Back in November I sold some of my wares at an LCBO internal event, alongside my talented pals - jewelry artist Gisele Renaud and writer David Churchill.  I had so many fun conversations that morning.  Thank you thank you to all those who bought prints, cards and "desk charms"!

These snowy owls now keep little patches of desks warm.

 Christmas cards inspired by a trip to the Montreal Biodome a few years back.

The king penguins were behind a wall of glass; they were so still - poised so gracefully, trying to stay warm.


Yessi Arifin said...

I love these viv – they are so adorable!

Vivian Mau said...

Yessi are you back from NYC? I found your card that I wrote 3 months ago!