Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Satan's Chumps Fear Halloween

Also from Word & Image, this is October in the 2013 calendar.  While I looked at a ton of references on 1930s New York City architecture for Sing Sing Sing, this piece came entirely from my head.  I had way too much fun creating the type and drawing Satan's minions.  You see, the devil has many creatures to carry out his evil bidding.  These fall on the lowest rung, doing menial tasks.  If you drop your keys in the toilet or a contact lens falls out of your eye, they may have been behind that.  Their success rate is low, as they are uncoordinated and petrified of everything.  This is why they have to work in large groups, to carry out the simplest tasks. Even then, they usually fail, and must answer to the wrath of Satan, who they fear the most.  In this latest episode, they are afraid of Halloween.  Like library book due dates and credit card payments, the ominous day approaches inevitably.




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