Monday, May 07, 2012

Sing Sing Sing

Last semester I had a class called Word and Image with Sandra Dionisi.  We were each given, at random, a song and the assignment was to create a 12" album cover for it.  We were to replace the artists' name with our own.  I got Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman.  I had recently watched the jazz documentary by Ken Burns, so the story of jazz and race tensions were in the back of my head, though it's a playful scene.

You can hear the elephant come in 22 seconds into the song.

A cool subconscious thing happened here.  For some reason when I was painting this I felt very strongly that there should be a giant cropped sign in yellow and green at the top.  After the fact I realized I had this picture hanging by my desk.  I took this picture at a library because I liked the composition of the robe and had accidentally included another book behind it.  I must have stored this picture in my head because I wasn't even at my desk when I was working on the album cover.

In other news I started using twitter.  You can watch my attempts to be candid in social media @VivianMau 

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