Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Balsam Lake

Our woodsy campsite.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tampered Press

A few of my paintings have a temporary home at my favorite cafe in Toronto, Tampered Press at 256 Crawford Street.  Tampered Press is just across Trinity Bellwoods Park, on the corner of Crawford and Dundas West.  I've spent many hours there reading, photoshopping and drawing while sipping on quality coffee, made extra yummy with organic cream and sugar and always served in mugs.  It's a cozy friendly spot and I'm excited that my paintings are a part of it!  The good people at Tampered are also selling prints of these pieces for me!  So come on by, enjoy a good brew, see some original paintings and take a stroll in the park.

Sing Sing Sing, Yonghy Bonghy Bo and Satan's Chumps Fear Halloween are now available in limited edition giclee prints.  They are printed with Epson inks on Somerset Velvet paper.  I'm incredibly pleased with how they turned out, they look almost identical to the originals.  They will soon be available on Etsy and I will keep you posted, but if you're in Toronto, pick them up at Tampered to avoid shipping costs.

Satan's Chumps Fear Halloween

Also from Word & Image, this is October in the 2013 calendar.  While I looked at a ton of references on 1930s New York City architecture for Sing Sing Sing, this piece came entirely from my head.  I had way too much fun creating the type and drawing Satan's minions.  You see, the devil has many creatures to carry out his evil bidding.  These fall on the lowest rung, doing menial tasks.  If you drop your keys in the toilet or a contact lens falls out of your eye, they may have been behind that.  Their success rate is low, as they are uncoordinated and petrified of everything.  This is why they have to work in large groups, to carry out the simplest tasks. Even then, they usually fail, and must answer to the wrath of Satan, who they fear the most.  In this latest episode, they are afraid of Halloween.  Like library book due dates and credit card payments, the ominous day approaches inevitably.




Monday, May 07, 2012

Sing Sing Sing

Last semester I had a class called Word and Image with Sandra Dionisi.  We were each given, at random, a song and the assignment was to create a 12" album cover for it.  We were to replace the artists' name with our own.  I got Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman.  I had recently watched the jazz documentary by Ken Burns, so the story of jazz and race tensions were in the back of my head, though it's a playful scene.

You can hear the elephant come in 22 seconds into the song.

A cool subconscious thing happened here.  For some reason when I was painting this I felt very strongly that there should be a giant cropped sign in yellow and green at the top.  After the fact I realized I had this picture hanging by my desk.  I took this picture at a library because I liked the composition of the robe and had accidentally included another book behind it.  I must have stored this picture in my head because I wasn't even at my desk when I was working on the album cover.

In other news I started using twitter.  You can watch my attempts to be candid in social media @VivianMau 

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Honey, I Sure Miss You

Hello and long time!  In my absence I have accumulated a ton of things I would like to share.  I'll try to bring this blog up to speed bit by bit so stay tuned.

I have new business cards with images created just for them.  Here is the back of one version.  Don't miss the guy hastily emerging from the tree!

I'm so pleased with the print quality and the fact that it's printed on 100% recycled paper.